Advancing the practice of Physical Therapy one patient at a time.
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A 12 WEEK PROPRIOCEPTIVE TRAINING PROGRAM IMPROVED STATIC AND DYNAMIC BALANCE IN ELDERLY PATIENTS WHO HAVE FALLEN.  Wingood, M et al.   Proprioception is the body’s awareness of its position or movement in space, which is a critical component of maintaining balance, particularly when the eyes are closed.  Proprioceptive training encompasses exercises for stability and coordination, stimulates motor learning, helps maintain body posture and balance, and improves body control.   Beware: Science-y language ahead!!
There are age related changes in the nervous system that include a decrease in dynamic responses to change in position, decrease in the rapidity of sensory input and an overall atrophy of musculature.  Moreover, there is a progressive decline in the number of dendrites of the motor cortex and there are modifications of neurochemicals in the brain.  These changes impact the ability to utilize proprioception to plan movements and react to changes in the environment or body position.     The good news is --TRAINING MAKES ANYONE BETTER AT WHAT THEY DO ON THEIR FEET!! NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LEVEL MAY BE.  
Best Physical Therapy Weaverville NC
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Advancing the practice of Physical Therapy one patient at a time.
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