Robert “Bo” Loria PTA

Bo Loria
Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed being active and participating in sports. Because of this, I have experienced first hand as a participant, and as a clinician, the benefits of exercise. Exercise is beneficial for your short and long term physical health, stress management,  and many other components of our whole wellness. A professor once told me, “If the benefits of exercise could be put into pill form, it would be the most prescribed medication.” He added, “If anyone ever tries to sell you a pill of exercise, RUN!” I have spent the majority of my career in outpatient settings where I have honed manual skills such as soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations and various stretching techniques to relieve pain. I have also worked in home health where I applied functional movement to activities of daily living. Most often this requires incorporation of balance activities. When treating patients who are at increased risk to fall or have balance deficits, I always try to be creative and practical in my approach and I hope to make therapy an enjoyable experience.  I have worked with a wide variety of patients, and have taken continuing education classes is strength training, extremity rehabilitation, core strengthening, and balance.  
In my spare time I enjoy clumsily picking my guitar, hanging out with my wife, Nicole, and our two dogs, Polly and Patchouli, as well as enjoying all that our beautiful mountains have to offer.  

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