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Words That Harm

The first article I ever read when I was studying for a clinical doctorate in 2012 was, “Words that Harm, Words that Heal”. Words are powerful!!!
The diagnostic labels we choose for low back pain impact patient beliefs and expectations. When “episode of low back pain” “lumbar strain” and “non-specific low back pain” were used in place of “arthritis”, “degeneration”, “bone on bone”, and “disc bulge”, the result was decreased perception of the need for imaging, surgery, and second opinion.

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The Hip and Knee Connection

Hip strengthening has the best outcomes for Patellofemoral (kneecap) Pain according to a recent review of the literature.
Conclusion: Overall, Hip &Knee exercise programs appear to reduce pain and improve function more than other exercise programs and could be used as a primary rehabilitation approach in patients with PFP. However, the difference between the subgroups in most outcome measures suggests that Hip & Knee exercise programs are no more effective than Hip-only exercise programs.
J Pain Res. 2021; 14: 1431–1449.

Earning a Good Night of Sleep

High-quality sleep is EARNED, not given. You sleep lousy when your body doesn’t have anything to recover from. Findings in a recent study in a nutshell: Basic strength training in adolescents significantly improved sleep quality, quantity, and reduction in sleep disruptions.

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D for Dementia

Vitamin D and total brain volume appear to be associated, with findings suggesting that approximately 20% of all dementia onset could be prevented if Vitamin D levels were normalized to baseline dietary recommendations (or obtained via natural exposure).

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