Phil Rolfe PT, DPT, ATC


Phil Rolfe PT, DPT, ATC
Since graduating from Physical Therapy School in 1999, I have attended extensive continuing education coursework with a focus on manual therapy. I love the progressive nature of the field of PT and take every opportunity to learn. In 2015 I completed a doctorate in physical therapy to provide my patients with the most up to date treatment possible. I also am a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) which gives me a wide angle lens to address many different possibilities.

As an advanced and seasoned practitioner, I offer empathetic care to my patients through clinical experience and research supported manual therapy techniques. Some of these techniques include Trigger Point Dry Needling, Spinal Manipulation, Joint Mobilization, Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial Release, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization etc. I also have advance training in Rehabilitative Pilates, which is a unique foundation for functional activities. I am enthusiastic about Physical Therapy and strive to return patients to the highest level of function that can be attained.

Practicing in the traditional setting of Physical Therapy has informed my business venture in Body Logic. I value what I have learned in stressful, fast paced, non-patient centered environments. I am driven by knowing what I will not do in a my own business: I will not compromise on care, and that will never change. I will take the time and work hard to find solutions to your issues, I will take the time to listen to you and your unique situation, and I will help you find a way to maintain the gains you have made. If I can’t help you- I will help guide you to someone who can.

I also know that my job is to help my patients find the balance in their lives. Help them realize how the many domains (physical, mental, emotional etc) are connected. And to truly change the physical pain we may be experiencing, we may need to look closely at all influences. Finding balance in your life is possible, but it is a continual effort.

Bodylogic Integrative Physical Therapy was founded in 2017 with the basis understanding that people do better when they are heard, seen and are provided with gentle, intelligent guidance. We want you to come into our comforting environment and feel a sense of being cared for by family and community.

I hope that you will give us a chance to bring you into a light hearted, yet professional setting to begin collaborating with you to find a solution to your puzzle and help you find your way to the best you possible. I know you will reach your best at Body Logic.

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