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Make sure you:

  • Bring the forms you completed at home
  • Bring your therapy prescription, if you have one
  • Bring your insurance card or case number
  • Bring any relevant diagnostic reports you may have (for example, x-ray or MRI)
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will allow the Physical Therapist access to the body part for which you are being seen

The first part of your Initial Evaluation involves an interview, during which we will review your medical history and your current symptoms.

The next step is an Extensive Examination. During your exam, your Physical Therapist may evaluate the following:

  • Strength
  • Range of Motion
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Mobility and Movement Patterns

If appropriate, your Physical Therapist may also perform special clinical tests to help with the Assessment process. After your Interview and Evaluation, your Physical Therapist will explain his or her assessment of your condition and explain the individual Treatment Plan that has been designed for you. Your Physical Therapist will also introduce you to the team that will be involved in your rehabilitative care. If at any time you have questions regarding any aspect of your Treatment Plan, do not hesitate to ask. Your understanding of our Assessment and Treatment Plan is essential to helping you achieve your goals and is fundamental to a successful outcome.


Please wear clothing that allows you to move freely and covers you appropriately.  We do not wear shoes when on Pilates equipment, so consider socks that are ‘slip proof’ or wear pilates socks.


You and your therapist will find ways for you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible during your treatments.

In Preperation for your First Visit

If possible, please print the forms below, and fill them out at your convenience. If you complete the forms, please remember to bring them with you to your first scheduled visit.

Patient Intake Form
Patient Acknowledgement
Body Chart

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