Guenevere Seastrom PTA, MT


Guenevere Seastrom PTA, MT
Dually licensed as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) since 2015, and a Massage Therapist (MT) since 2002, my primary focus is rehabilitative therapy and tension reduction within the nervous system through manual and craniosacral therapies. I enjoy finding modalities and unique approaches that will create a pathway to optimal health for each of my patients.

Because of my long-term work in therapeutic massage, I have an experiential knowledge of muscle groups and how movement is organized. I bring many facets from my MT career such as creating a safe space for healing, and a combination of techniques including myofascial release, mobilization, and trigger point therapy into my PTA work.

As a PTA, I have experience in working with patients with various orthopedic injuries and surgeries as well as planning and implementing treatment for patients. I pull from my experience in restorative yoga, mat and reformer-based Pilates to focus the lens of rehab care. It is my ultimate hope, the reason I do this work, that all of our patients feel well cared for, deeply motivated, and gain significant ground towards their goals.

I trust the process of your body’s logic!

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