Guenevere Seastrom PTA, MT


Dually licensed as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) since 2015, and a Massage Therapist (MT) since 2002, my primary focus has been on rehabilitative therapy since graduating with my PTA degree. Like Phil, the many continuing education courses I have taken have focused on manual therapy. My favorite aspect of being a PTA is that there are so many options for care. I enjoy finding the modalities and techniques that will create a pathway to optimal health for each individual patient.

Because of my long-term work in therapeutic massage, I have an experiential knowledge of muscle groups and how movement is organized. I bring many facets from my MT career into my PTA work, such as creating a safe space for healing, and I combine many techniques such as myofascial release, tissue manipulation, mobilizations, and trigger point therapy with my PTA work.

As a PTA, I have experience in working with patients with various orthopedic injuries and surgeries as well as planning and implementing treatment for patients with neurological diagnoses, pelvic floor conditioning for men and women, and fall prevention, among many others. I also pull from my experience with mat and reformer-based Pilates through the lens of rehabilitative therapy. It is my ultimate hope, the reason I do this work, that all of our patients feel deeply motivated, well cared for, and gain significant ground towards their goals. I trust the process of your body’s logic!

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