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Balance is a complicated function of the human body. Balance and coordination are not easily defined because they rely on neuromuscular control and distribution of body weight which enables a human to remain upright and steady. It is essentially an act of neuromuscular problem solving. Our nervous system is constantly assessing the position of our bodies and sending signals from one body part to another in an attempt to control 206 bones, 360 joints and over 600 muscles. Balance and coordination can not be fully addressed without consideration of the following systems: Vestibular system, vision, muscular system-strength, core function, reflexes, soft tissue length, posture, joint mobility and so much more.

At BodyLogic Physical Therapy, we address the multiple issues related to balance. We also address issues that will improve your performance and help avoid frequent falls and injury. We offer Physical Therapy sessions and we offer Balance, Coordination, and Fall Prevention classes as well.

*BALANCE CLASS LEVEL ONE: This is a post Physical Therapy class. This is for the person who does not need higher level assistance, mostly direction and instruction and minimal spotting. This is

*BALANCE CLASS LEVEL TWO: No spotting needed. This person is wanting to really work harder to prevent falls and to improve fitness. This class is in the works.

*BALANCE CLASS LEVEL THREE: More for the athletic population. For those who want to ‘up their game’ to improve performance as a gardener, hiker, tennis player—any physical performance endeavor. Call for more information!

All classes are $90.00 and can be divided between two or three people. (3 class maximum)
For private sessions please call 1-828-424-9290

1. Why do we fall?
We fall at every age. However, age is not an excuse for falling. And we hope to offer you strategies to avoid frequent falling and to help avoid injuries. There are a number of risk factors that impact falling. Environmental hazards; Muscular weakness; History of falling; Gait deficits; Visual deficits; Pain; Arthritis; Postural deficits; Depression; Cognitive impairment; Medications; Cardiovascular status; and > 80 years of age. Our nervous system is

2. Can balance training be helpful for those who are active?
Absolutely, speeding up the neurologic precessing while addressing your activity can make any activity better, even hiking the trails in Western Carolina!

3. I have had poor balance for a long time, can I get better?
YES! your body will adapt to whatever you expose it to. This is called the SAID principle: specific adaptation to imposed demand.

4. Why do people tend to fall when they get older?
As mentioned before, age is not an excuse for falling. However, there are age related factors that can impact balance. Beware: Science-y language ahead!! 
There are age related changes in the nervous system that include a decrease in dynamic responses to change in position, decrease in the rapidity of sensory input and an overall atrophy of musculature.  Moreover, there is a progressive decline in the number of dendrites of the motor cortex and there are modifications of neurochemicals in the brain.  These changes impact the ability to utilize proprioception to plan movements and react to changes in the environment or body position.  The good news is –TRAINING MAKES ANYONE BETTER AT WHAT THEY DO ON THEIR FEET!! NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LEVEL MAY BE OR HOW OLD YOU ARE! There is a research article by Wingood, M et al, that show statisical improvement with proprioceptive/balance training for 12 weeks.

5. Does everyone have to have an assessment to take the class?
Yes, unless you have completed a round of Physical Therapy, at which time we will already know your balance capacities.

6. Ways To Pay
*PHYSICAL THERAPY EVALUATION AND TREATMENT: This is a holistic assessment to find out the specific impairments that cause you balance deficit. This is for those who know they are not ready for a class. Those who need individualized attention. If this is you, please call 828-424-9290 to set up an appointment. We accept many major insurance providers; some of them require that you get a referral from your primary care physician, specifically Medicare.

*BALANCE ASSESSMENT: This is a 30 minute assessment to help decide what level you are at and to place you in the proper class. This assessment is a $45.00 charge.

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