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PILATES BY PHIL (often called PHILATES at Bodylogic!)
Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1940s that addresses fitness and rehabilitation needs of any individual at any level of function and fitness. We can not stress enough how Pilates can offer you a balanced approach to your fitness. Strength, flexibility and function are beautifully woven into all of the movement patterns practiced in Pilates. If you are interested in finding physical balance; maintaining or advancing your current physical capacities, you are looking at the right physical care.

Bodylogic Physical Therapy has long utilized the principles of Pilates but now we offer classes for one or two. At Bodylogic, Pilates is mostly for individuals who need a focus on rehabilitation. Those who have been injured or have had a surgical intervention. We work alongside Rose Pilates in Weaverville to coordinate fitness pilates for many of our clients who are wanting to advance and maintain the gain they have made at Bodylogic.

It is often said that Pilates is for dancers, for performers, and only for women. I am here to tell you that Pilates is for LIFE; for anyone looking to continue moving safely, for anyone hoping to stay mobile and for advancing your capacities. It is for bikers, hikers, walkers, gardeners, runners, all body types and all levels of fitness. It is for balance, it is for flexibility, it is for your nervous system, for coordination, for joint maintenance, and yes, it is for the many CORES that allow our bodies to operate efficiently. Specifically, the core of the lumbar spine, the core of the cervical spine, the core of the hips and of the shoulders.

I have been a Physical Therapist since 1999 and I have seen many forms of exercise come and go. And, in these many years of experience, I have seen patterns that we develop from our daily experiences that ultimately result in mechanical faults and thus joint breakdown and pain. It’s like we ‘devolve’ from these poor patterns of movement or inactivity and we have stopped moving efficiently. Sitting in particular can impact the body negatively and so many of us do this more frequently than we know. Sitting ultimately causes joints become stagnant and unhealthy, soft tissue length changes occur. But, the good news is that we can reverse the negative impact of poor use of our bodies. I am her to tell you that Pilates is a well thought out form of movement and a good instructor will put your body through what is necessary to advance your capacities while having fun!!


********CLASSES for two are scheduled on Tuesday and Friday and anytime for individuals who want a private session.
********COST: $90.00 per session for one or $45.00 for two –for a therapeutic hour.

Please call 828-424-9290 for more information and for scheduling.

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